Special discussion on Zoom, February 17th at 7pm

Edwina Peart, BYM

Edwina Peart is the Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator for Britain Yealry Meeting. Crynwyr Cymru-Quakers in Wales will have the honour of Edwinas company at the next Meeting for Business on February 25th, where she’ll join us to speak about her work and racism, inclusion and diversity in a Quaker context.

As preparation for Edwina;s talk, Friends are invited to a special evening on zoom to discuss a podcast that Edwina has already recorded about racism and reparations. Here is a link to listen to the podcast – https://soundcloud.com/qwitness/on-reparations-what-are-reparations

After Friends have had the opportunity to listen, there will be an opportunity to gather together on Zoom on Friday evening, February 17th at 7pm to discuss the content, and we hope that this will serve as a useful and interesting preparation for Edwina’s session on Feb 25th. Jane Harries and Laura Wyn (Karadog) will facilitate the discussion on Friday, February 17th. To obtain the zoom link for this meeting, please email Laura at crynwyrcymru@gmail.com


Here’s some more information about Edwina and her role – https://www.woodbrooke.org.uk/people/edwina-peart/

Also, a link to an article that was recently written by Edwina about Inclusion and Diversity within Quakerism – https://www.quaker.org.uk/blog/inclusion-and-diversity-reflecting-on-our-journey-so-far

We hope to have your company on Friday, February 17th!