Meeting of Friends in Wales

Meeting of Friends in Wales, also known as Quakers in Wales, is the organisation which draws together Quakers who live or worship in Wales. It works with the four associated area meetings in Wales and Southern Marches. It normally comes together three times a year to worship and plan the work.

Meeting of Friends in Wales has responsibilities on behalf of Britain Yearly Meeting, to represent and promote Quaker life and witness in Wales. These responsibilities include appointing friends to serve on national Committees and Groups such as Cytûn; communicating with the Senedd and the National Assembly in Wales, as well as maintaining relationships with other voluntary and public groups in Wales, especially bodies with an interest in social justice, peace and interfaith work. It also represents Quakers in Wales to Britain Yearly Meeting when required.

Quakers in Wales operates bilingually, normally providing documents in both Welsh and English, as well as simultaneous translation at its meetings.

Laura Karadog is the Administrator for Quakers in Wales. You can contact Laura by phone or email. She is fluent in both Welsh and English.

07591 570201