Quakers Worldwide

Today, there are around 400,000 Quakers worldwide, most of whom are based in the Americas and Africa. Although everyone unites under the banner of ‘Quakerism’, and the understanding that there is an element of God in everyone, there is considerable diversity in the way Quakers all over the world worship and express their faith.

As people who live their faith, Quakers are very active in campaigns for people’s rights, and the future of our planet, all over the world. For example, Quakers have offices at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and Geneva. From there, they consult with members of the United Nations Secretariat, representatives of non-governmental organizations, members of various faith groups and representatives of various countries around the world.

Areas of work to which these offices contribute include human rights, disarmament, the environment, economic justice, trade and development, advocacy in difficult international cases, criminal justice and refugee rights. Read more about Quaker work at the United Nations here.

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