Welcome to the Quakers in Wales website. We believe that there is something of God in everyone.

Explore our website to discover more about Quakers in Wales – who we are, how we worshop and live our lives, and how to find a Quaker Meeting near to you.

Croeso i wefan Crynwyr Cymru. Credwn fod rhywbeth sanctaidd ynom i gyd.

Dewch i ddarganfod mwy am bwy yw’r Crynwyr yng Nghymru, sut ‘rydym yn addoli ac yn byw ein bywydau, a sut y gallwch chithau ymweld neu ymuno â ni.

I ddefnyddio’r gwefan yma yn y Gymraeg, pwyswch y botwm isod:

About Us

Quakers in Wales is the organisation which draws together Quakers who live or worship in Wales. It works with the four associated area meetings in Wales and Southern Marches. It normally comes together three times a year to worship and plan the work.

Find a Meeting

People interested in Quakerism and in attending a meeting, will normally attend their Local Meeting first. To find the Quaker meeting that is nearest to you, please click on the relevant region on the page below.

What Quakers say:

  • There is something sacred in all people.
  • All people are equal before God.
  • Religion is about the whole of life.
  • In stillness we find a deeper sense of God’s presence.
  • True religion leads to respect for the earth and all life upon it.
  • Each person is unique, precious, a child of God.

About Us

We come together to help each other to be open to the spirit. There is an old history for the Quakers in Wales and we welcome all those who are looking for a world where everyone can follow the spirit and live peacefully. We seek a fair society that recognises the value of each person.

History of the Quakers in Wales

What became Quakerism began in the troubled and bloody period towards the end of the civil wars of the 1640s. The country was in turmoil, given the events of the time, which included the execution of king Charles I in 1649. Debates were rife about the church and need for its reform; about the nature and conduct of government; about disparities of wealth and power; about the need for greater social justice and also about whether God was about to intervene in apocalyptic, end-of-the-world fashion.

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Latest News

Quakers attend Eisteddfod Cenedlaethol Dwyfor Meirionnydd (Video)

While attending the Eisteddfod in Boduan this August, members of Quakers in Wales filmed a short video. Here it is: https://vimeo.com/877895238/dda4c7fe28 Quakers on the Maes at the Eisteddfod in Boduan speak about their experiences of Quakerism

CCQW Meeting Report – October 2023

Sue Shreeve - Co-Clerk Mid Wales Area Meeting writes: Thirty-four Friends from all corners of Wales, representing our four Area meetings, joined this meeting by Zoom, at which we welcomed Carina Mundle-Garratt as the new Coordinator to her first meeting of CCQW. The...